Surveillance Cameras Morayfield

Surveillance Cameras

Here at Nextgen Pc’s we sell and install reliable, high-quality CCTV cameras all around the greater Moreton Bay region. CCTV is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your property is always protected. You can finally have peace of mind. CCTV cameras provide a strong visual deterrent to potential intruders or vandals, CCTV cameras will also record any crime that takes place on your property which could prove invaluable should a criminal investigation be required.

Analogue vs. Digital

Like the old analogue TV stations and the newer digital stations, analogue CCTV cameras are beginning to phase out of use. Digital camera technology is the future of CCTV and as a result, there are two types of CCTV systems. Recorders – NVR (“Network Video Recorder”) and DVR (Digital Video Recorder); and two types of cameras.

Recording stations – DVR Vs NVR

NVR CCTV systems are managed through a network. After installation, each camera sends a certain amount of data/information through the cabling (analogue utilises the RG59 coax, much the same as your TV antenna cable, and the digital systems utilise an Ethernet cable) to the recording station.